Cultural History Aabenraa

Cultural History Aabenraa

November - March: winter closed

Cultural History Aabenraa

If you’re interested in shipping and maritime history, Cultural History Aabenraa is a must.

In the red museum building you will now find the history of the shipping trade that was a significant feature in the life of the market town of Aabenraa throughout the 1700 and 1800s. The deep fjord, eminently suited to shipping, gave rise to large shipyards producing wooden boats, making Aabenraa the maritime centre of Southern Jutland.

The museum exhibitions present pictures of the proud ships from Aabenraa sailing the world seas and the exotic objects brought home by captains and sailors from remote parts of the world. Get acquainted with the history of Aabenraa Harbour with its old shipyards and its development into a modern industrial harbour. The museum frequently sets up exciting exhibitions covering other historical themes and offers, at specific times, activities for children.

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Tel.: +45 65 37 08 05

Inquiries regarding booking guided tours or rooms, and their prices, can be made by contacting the Museum by email:

Adults: DKK 50
Children (under 18): free
Students: 20% discount
Club members: free
Groups of 10 or more: 20% discount per person

April - October: Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm*
November - March: Closed
*Closed on Mondays except during public holidays.

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